The Week in Writing and Publishing 18th March 2012

These are the articles on the Internet that caught my eye this week:

FICTION WRITING: How to Develop Your Style

How To Write a Novel Based on a True Story

The Business Rusch: Scarcity and Abundance

Steve Berry’s 8 Rules of Writing

After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses

Do E-Books Make It Harder to Remember What You Just Read?

How Does a Publishing Auction Work?

Exclusive: How Much Do Kindle Singles Authors Make?

Spurred By Success, Publishers Look For The Next ‘Hunger Games’


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  1. Karleene Morrow March 17, 2012 at 10:31 pm #

    Thanks ever so much for adding my post on FICTION WRITING. Very much appreciate! xoox Karleene

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