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Why Bookshops Are Doomed In Australia

It has been building for awhile. A frustration. An anger. That anger is with the retail book market in Australia.

It all fell into place for me this morning. I’ve been reading Todd Henry’s excellent Die Empty: Unleash Your Best Work Every Day and loving it. I did not buy it from an Australian bookstore. My local big shopping centre only has one remaining bookshop, a QBD one. My preferred book shop is the big Dymocks store in the city. Both of these sell Die Empty for around $30 in paperback. 

I bought mine from Amazon for the Kindle. For US$11.93. Plus for an extra US$4.49 I got the Audible version with Todd Henry himself reading the book. I had them both instantly and I can read them on my Kindle, my iPad or my iPhone. Now for the killer. The audio book syncs with the Kindle version, so when I listen in the car, as I did for about 25% of the book to start with, when I opened it up on the Kindle (or the app) it knew where I was up to and asked if I wanted to just jump straight there. So easy and so convenient. Even the hardcover is only US$14.82 from Amazon at the time of writing. Now I prefer dead tree books for many things, not least of which is the ease of lending it to a friend.So I may end up buying a paper copy at some point. The thing is, at that point, I will have paid approximately the same that I would have to just get the print edition from an Australian shop, but will have the book in three forms.

Yes, I do not mind paying a little more to be able to browse in a local bookshop and walk away with a dead tree copy of the book. But not that much more. And the convenience of having the book in multiple forms is a joy.

So as of today I have officially given up on Australian book retailers. Sorry guys, you have lost my business.

The remaining magazines that I read regularly (Sky & Telescope, Wired, HD Video Pro, AD in Spanish, Italian and French editions) download directly to my iPad either subscribed from Apple or Amazon. My goto store for books is Amazon.

The Writers’ Revolution

Hugh Howey has created quite a stir.

His new Author Earnings website and the REPORT has go everyone talking. He’s just one response to the report.

Both are worth a read.

Then have a careful think. With publishers actually doing less and less for authors and expected us to do most of the marketing effort anyway, just what are we getting for the money and control we give them?  And yes, we are giving them money. There are still good reasons to go with a mainstream publisher, at least for some of your titles, but you need to be REALLY clear on what you are getting out of it.

Author Platforms

I came across an interesting short article about author platforms. With even mainstream publishers wanting authors to have established author platforms before considering them and some wanted you to have self-published first and demonstrated that there is a market for your work, author platforms can be a critical part of your success.

Read the article here –